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  • My name is James.

    I created this.

    Our Message Design Cohort was asked to create a Personal Logo, a Short Theory Presentation, and an infographic depicting the importance of creating a Social Media Presence.  

  • Personal Logo

    My Personal Logo.

    Personal Logo Before

    Personal Logo After

    Reviewer Comments

    All in all; Very good.

    Both reviewers agreed that the logo design was fantastic. One reviewer reported:


    I think the design is fantastic and don't think any recommendations I have could make it better.


    Items that stood out to reviewers in a positive way:

    1. Reviewers could easily recognize The Thinker.
    2. Reviewers liked the polygonal design of the main image.
    3. Great use of white space.
    Items that stood out to reviewers in a constructive way:
    1. Logo name is too long.
  • Theory Presentation

    An Exploration of Cognitive Theory of Multimedia 


    Pre-review and critique.

    Click to view the Presentation.



    Reviewer Comments

    Both reviewers agreed the graphics selected for the presentation were spot on. Reviewers also commented on the design of the module. One reviewer found the color coded blocks to the left were visually appealing as well as intuitive with the green block signifying the start of the module and the final block red, signifiying the end of the module.



    Items that stood out to reviewers in a positive way:

    1. Images were appropriate for the presentation
    2. Clean and simple design. 
    3. Easy to read.

    Items that stood out to reviewers that require attention:

    1. Audio is not pleasing to listen to. The computer generated voice is grating and had to understand at some point.
    2. Some images are difficult to read (charts especially) and some are displayed to fast.
    3. This module is not 508 compliant,  need to refrain from use of blinking items, ensuring that the presentation is ADA compliant.
  • Infographic

    Social Media Channels Infographic

    Original Piece

    Pre-review and critique.

    Both reviewers found the main purpose of the infographic was to inform the learner of the different channels available to broadcast and create a social footprint online. However several comments made their way to the top. From the feedback;

    • ...The top section seems a little off with the centering of the title into such a small horizontal space leaving award small words at the end.
    • The design seems to be a little claustrophobic, there is a lot of information with little white-space.
    • uncenter the top part and color some of the other sections something other than black-- because the 1 blue section stands out more.
    • What are the icons on the bottom?

    Revised Piece

    Changes incorporated from feedback.

    Based on the feedback, I decided to un-center the title and do black text on white background. I also reduced the amount of copy in the Twitter section and added labels to the lower section named "Channels to Watch".